Any Size TV Installed In Any Location

TLC Electrical provides professional turn-key installation and mounting of your new Flat Screen TV in any location in your home.

Provide Power –  Today’s home  calls for a clean uncluttered finish with the visual emphasis on your TV.  Nobody wants to see unsightly electrical wires or electrical outlets. Depending on the location you chose, your Electrician will run new electrical power or relocate existing electrical power for your new TV. Electrical wires are run behind the wall or in the ceiling and are completely out of sight.

Cable & Internet Connections – No TV installation is complete until you are able to view all your favorite channels and use all the entertainment options available with your new TV.  TLC’s Electrician will install all necessary cable and connections for Fios, Cable, or Satelite service as well as HDMI cable and internet connections so you can enjoy Netflix, Vudu, or Youtube on your new TV.

Recessed Outlet – Both cable and electrical connections and terminations are made in the appropriate recessed outlet or devise. This completes the clean look of your Flat Screen TV Installation and accommodates multiple mounting types and locations.

Infrared (IR) Repeater System – An IR Repeater System is a hidden control system for your TV’s components, DVD, DVR, or Cable Box. This allows you to place these components out of the way either behind cabinet doors or across the room from your TV and still be able to conveniently control them with their remote controls.

Location & Mounting – TV’s are no longer limited to a stand or a dresser top.  They have become fixtures that add to a home’s decor and a center of entertainment for family and guests.  TLC can install your new TV at any indoor or outdoor location and on any surface including tile, brick or stone using a variety of mounting systems including:

     Fixed Wall Mount   Fixed Ceiling Mount
     Flat Wall Mount   Articulating Ceiling Mount
     Articulating Wall Mount   Fixed Corner Mount

For professional Flat Screen TV Installation call TLC Electrical today at 817-424-2684 or schedule on-line and save 10%.